tvtime и fglrx

Тук е обяснено как се инсталират и настройват програми под Linux.

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tvtime и fglrx

Мнениеот phantomlord » Пет 29, Фев, 2008 1:00

Ако имате тв тунер и ATi видекарта, ако ползвате tvtime и като я пуснете в конзола ви излезе следното съобщение:
~$ tvtime
Running tvtime 1.0.1.
Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml
Reading configuration from /home/ibrahim/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
xvoutput: No XVIDEO port found which supports YUY2 images.

*** tvtime requires hardware YUY2 overlay support from your video card
*** driver. If you are using an older NVIDIA card (TNT2), then
*** this capability is only available with their binary drivers.
*** For some ATI cards, this feature may be found in the experimental
*** GATOS drivers:
*** If unsure, please check with your distribution to see if your
*** X driver supports hardware overlay surfaces.

добавете в /etc/X11/xorg.conf, Section "Device" следните редове:
# === Video Overlay for the Xv extension ===
Option "VideoOverlay" "on"
# === OpenGL Overlay ===
Option "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
# Note: When OpenGL Overlay is enabled, Video Overlay
# will be disabled automatically

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